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Thank you for taking interest in joining Old Line Velo (OLV).  OLV is a group of riders who are passionate about riding bikes, especially off road at Patapsco and giving back to the community.

We are so fortunate to have so much riding so close to home.  These trails are the result of decades of effort and we want to ensure the trails are not just around, but improved and lengthened for decades to come.  We support MORE and IMBA both financially and through volunteer efforts and expect that all of our teammates make a contribution to the trails.

Building trails is fun, riding them is even better.  OLV leads group rides on regular basis, highlighting the area’s best trails and geared to riders of all abilities.  For those wanting to race, there is an active and supportive portion of the club racing on the weekends.  OLV supports riders of all abilities and is especially interested in helping new riders learn the joy of cycling.

The annual sign-up fee is $0, and covers you for life.
You read that correctly – we intend to exist with no membership fees. Want to join? Hang tight, we’ll have a membership form up here soon and it will get you onto our list for sending out info we think will interest riders of Patapsco trails.

Old Line Velo Membership Eligibility:

Membership eligibility is based on participation at OLV events.  These events will be advertised through the OLV newsletter and group e-mail.  All OLV members will have the opportunity to contribute their time to trail days, group ride support (as a non-rider) and leading group rides.  Members should be responsible for logging volunteer hours, races and trail work hours so we can accurately track our club’s achievements.

What is cooler than a group of fun people riding bikes and supporting the trails is that a bunch of awesome companies are just as psyched and want to support us.  Who would have thought?  These generous discounts and support of the cause facilitate our success and we ask that you support these companies.  Seriously, they all make great stuff, hire fun people, and ride a bunch; the fact that they help us out is just icing on the cake.

We strive to be a supportive group of riders making the area a better place for bikes.  Part of that is being a polite cyclist.  Say hello to hikers, stop at traffic signals, pass or be passed by other cyclists with grace. 

Membership Expectations:

Practice good sportsmanship and conduct yourself in a professional manner at all cycling and non-cycling events where you are representing OLV.   Use of foul language, unsafe riding, racing/riding rudely are not cool behaviors. 

We ask OLV athletes who race to write race reports and inform the club of their results and allow publication to OldLineVelo.com as soon after the event as possible.

Member Privileges:

Old Line Velo:

-Race reimbursement for 1st place finish.

-10% subsidy on initial kit order, secondary orders are not applicable.

Race Pace Bicycles:

-Priority service on bicycles.  This is specific to how busy the shop is. Please contact the shop service manager for details on turn around.

-Opportunity throughout the year to participate in exclusive OLV group buys.

REMAX Preferred: Reduce flat Commission fee from $345 to $145 ($200 savings)

Ron Howard & Associates: Provide a 1/2 % of sales price credit to any buyer and reduce our listing commission by 1/2 % to any seller

Carrolton Bank Mortgage Services: A $500 lender credit at closing on purchase and/or refinance transactions.

Definitive Title: $300 title credit on all member transactions under 300k. Transactions above 300k, Definitive Title will pay for a HMS home warranty ($409 value).

Portside Tavern: 10% off bill.

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