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Group Rides

We are currently working on building this page again for 2015. Old Line Velo Promotes Group rides led by MORE, Race Pace & a few others… If you hold a group ride please let us know!


  1. Lisa says:

    Re: Saturday Women’s Novice Rides–would you consider having an intermediate women’s road ride group?

    • mtbpozz says:

      Hi Lisa, we’d love to add an intermediate womens ride…at the moment we haven’t got someone to lead one though. If you or someone you know can help, please let us know and we’d love to meet to review what we ask for out of group ride leaders. In the meantime, we’ll be working hard to grow our membership and this ride will be one of the first additions as soon as we secure a leader. Thanks for your interest and hope to see you soon.

  2. Seth says:

    Thanks for the link, guys. We’ve added a link to your list on our weekly rides list.

    Baltimore Velo Enterprises

  3. patrick says:

    31yr old male – newbie rider, just got his first bike.. is the beginner/novice fun and a good turn out? How is the leader with pace and skill level. I dont want to fall behind in the ride.Thanks.

    • mtbpozz says:

      Hi Patrick, the beginner/novice rides are designed to be accessible to any level rider, even brand new ones. There is a no-drop policy, so you won’t get left behind. The pace varies with the skill level of the riders, but the rides regroup frequently and the goal is for folks to feel like they can progress through the beginner rides and “graduate” to higher proficiency stuff after a while. We have been seeing between 3-12 riders on most of our group rides. Hope you can make it out for one soon.

      • patrick says:

        thanks mtbpozz – i am doing rockburn for the first time with a buddy of mine that rides… but i plan on being there.. how is the turn out usually? is it alot of people or a small group. Tuesdays right… When i get to the park , how will i identity the ride group? thanks…

      • mtbpozz says:

        Turnout is usually pretty good, but it fluctuates between 3-10 riders, sometimes more – there (hopefully) will be a bunch of guys standing around with bikes, but it isn’t all that formal, so not much more to look out for than that.
        The folks that have headed to rockburn for this ride have had no problem connecting with the group – we’ll make sure the ride leader knows to keep an eye out for you. Hope you enjoy!

  4. patrick says:

    Due to work and my Birthday i haven’t had the chance to come out and ride w/ the group.. is it to late to join? i am thinking Tuesday will be my first time? I want to ride more and get out and have fun

    • mtbpozz says:

      Patrick come on out anytime – the rides are not a series that progresses, rather each week they are a new route and a new ride. New riders are encouraged to join in whenever schedules match up and allow. Hope to see you soon.

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