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Contact Us

Mailing address:

1410 Key Highway
Baltimore, MD 21230

Email address: mtbpozZ@gmail.com, laird16@gmail.com, john.e.russell2@gmail.com,  Pcavalieri@yahoo.com

Phone: 410-986-0001   Ask for Nik or Paul

2013 Board of Directors

Executive Committee:

  • President: Jon Gdowik (aka JG)
  • Vice President: Jon Posner (aka Poz)
  • Treasurer: John Russell
  • Secretary: Paul Cavaleri

Board Members at large:

  • Dan Atkins
  • Ron Howard
  • Laura Murray
  • Steve Roop
  • Chad Miller
  • Rick Webb
  • Joe Pulone
  • Nick O.
  • Tony Vachino
  • Greg Capelle

Committees and chair/co-chair:

  • Fundraiser Committee-Ron Howard, Steve Roop
  • Ride Committee-Dan Atkins, Chad Miller
  • Bike Shop Liaison Committee-Nik O., Laura Murray
  • Race Team Committee-Jon Gdowik, Greg Capelle
  • Patapsco Epic Committee-Tony Vachino
  • Social Media Committe- Jon Posner and John Russell


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  1. […] Old Line Velo‘s mission is to be an inclusive organization promoting off road bicycling and improving cycling in the region through advocacy, outreach and community building. OLV is partnering with local and regional bike groups to get more people out riding and is developing DAILY rides catering to cyclists of all skill levels.  If you are interested in leading a regular group ride, contact OLV. […]

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