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About Us

Old Line Velo

Thank you for taking interest in joining Old Line Velo (OLV).  OLV is a group of riders who are passionate about riding bikes, especially off road at Patapsco and giving back to the community.

We are so fortunate to have so much riding so close to home.  These trails are the result of decades of effort and we want to ensure the trails are not just around, but improved and lengthened for decades to come.  We support MORE and IMBA both financially and through volunteer efforts and expect that all of our teammates make a contribution to the trails.

Building trails is fun, riding them is even better.  OLV leads group rides on regular basis, highlighting the area’s best trails and geared to riders of all abilities.  For those wanting to race, there is an active and supportive portion of the club racing on the weekends.  OLV supports riders of all abilities and is especially interested in helping new riders learn the joy of cycling.

Our Mission:

Old Line Velo is an inclusive organization promoting off road bicycling and improving cycling in the region. We accomplish this through advocacy, outreach, and community building. As a club we grow the sport by both supporting all levels of rider and working to make Maryland a premiere off road cycling destination.

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