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2015 is here and Old Line Velo is too-

Quick update now that the 2015 riding season is finally upon us. There hasn’t been much chatter on the wires but OLV has been working behind the scenes to forge new relationships and strengthen existing ones. Here are some headlines that we will be elaborating on for the membership shortly:

-We are moving away from a paid membership model. You will see that the paypal payment links are all removed. We still plan to raise funds from members, just not in a “pay to be a member” approach. Spread the word and recruit some new members! All we’ll ask for is your contact info so we can let you know about things we think are important to folks who ride the trails in PVSP.

-Our 501c3 application is nearly complete and once that happens, we’ll be able to raise funds by applying for grants as well as provide a tax deduction for any donations to the club.

-A ride schedule is shaping up. We will post it up soon as well as mining for other group rides we can list so you will have a comprehensive listing here of (hopefully) every regular group ride in the area

-We are partnering with a new organization, Baltimore Youth Cycling, and have pledged to support their efforts at starting a JUNIOR CX RACING LEAGUE – yes, that is right. for more info on this PLEASE head over to http://www.baltimoreyouthcycling.org

-and finally, we have committed our support again to two of 2014’s most successful partnerships. First – the Patapsco Trailwork Series was a huge effort in 2014 with nearly 1900 volunteer hours logged. We are on board again as a sponsor for the workday series in 2015 – watch out for the workday where OLV gets lunch…it’s legendary! The second is the Patapsco Epic. We’re sponsoring an aid station at Woodstock Rd – see you there!

I’m really excited to get some more great things done in 2015 and build on the legacy that Old Line Velo has already established. Hope to see you on the trail soon,

Jon Posner, 2015 prez


  1. Jessica Hammond-Graf says:

    Am interested in becoming a member. What are my next steps? Thanks!

    • mtbpozz says:

      within the next week or so we will have a new member form on this site along with membership details for 2015- thank you for your interest!

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