Old Line Velo



Coming in July….

Old Line Velo Beginner/Intermediate Ride

When: 1st, 3rd (& 5th when available) Tuesday of each Month starting July 2014 – Meet at 6pm wheels roll at 6:15 PM

Where: Avalon/Qrange Grove PVSP – meet @ CCBC Parking Lot by the tennis courts

Beginner/Intermediate Riders: Someone who has sufficient fitness and basic MTB skills to safely enjoy the PVSP trail system on a mountain bike & should be able to stay with the group. Rides have stops to allow everyone to rest as needed and to regroup. All riders should have reliable equipment and carry the necessary, tools, equipment, water and nutritional needs to be self-sufficient.

Moderate Pace: This pace is for the average rider with a season or more of experience under their belt and the desire to push the pace a bit in order to gain fitness. Riders at this level are often starting to further refine their bike handling skills. While not a race pace, moderate rides are generally faster than casual rides and focuses on completing the route as quickly as the slowest rider is able.

Ride Description: Ride will require skill set to navigate short/steep climbs & descents, rock gardens, logs, etc. at YOUR PACE with breaks if/when needed. Ride is a no drop ride lasting 1.5 to 2 hours. (8 to 12 miles) Obstacles may require the rider to get their front wheel off the ground to clear successfully. Our beginners occasionally elect to dismount and walk over these features while our intermediate riders will ride over them. The goal is to keep the group together and encourage / assist riders as needed and focuses on improving skills and fitness. We leave the parking lot after the Intermediate/Advanced Groups.

Trail Conditions: We will not ride trails if they are wet. We may revise the route to a paved route in this case .

Ride Leader: John Hargreaves 410-744-0599 johnhargreaves65@gmail.com

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