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Welcome to 2014!

Welcome to 2014 folks! We have a newly elected board and we’re all fired up to get thing rolling again for the 2014 season. We’ll be continuing our popular First Saturdays rides and picnics – look for those to start once Mother Nature seems done with her Winter wrath…hopefully by April. We will also be hosting some additional rides and clinics – keep an eye on this blog and our facebook page for upcoming events. A new structure to the racing team is emerging – if you are interested in racing your bike, just speak up and we’ll help you get on track. Of course we will be helping to promote and attend trail work days throughout the year.  And finally – we are excited to be deeply involved with a new event that will take place within Patapsco Valley State Park later in the Fall – the 1st annual Patapsco Epic.

Several committees have been formed – so if there is something that interests you or you think may be fun, please join a cause or shoot us an email with any questions you may have. All of this is possible because of YOU, the Old Line Velo members,  and your participation. Thank you and let us know how to make this club work the best it can for you!

To join or for more information on any of these,  please email oldlinevelo@gmail.com or John.E.Russell2@gmail.com with your interest.  A committee chair will respond to your request.

Fundraiser Committee- Ron Howard, Steve Roop
The Fundraiser Committee is responsible for organizing fundraising events, collecting in-kind donations, and maintaining relationships with team sponsors.

Ride Committee- Dan Atkins, Chad Miller
The Ride Committee plans and organizes group rides for the benefit of the club.  Continued plans from 2013 include Juniors rides and Saturday group rides.  New ideas for 2014 include away weekend rides in Michaux or another location tbd.

Bike Shop Liaison Committee- Nik O., Laura Murray
The Liaisons are responsible for maintaining warm relationships with our bike shop sponsor, Race Pace.  This committee is limited to Race Pace employees full or part time.

Race Team Committee- Jon Gdowik, Greg Capelle
The Race Team Committee is responsible for recruiting and maintaining relationships with those riders who are competing at the elite levels of mountain biking and helping newer racers get their bearings and learn all the secrets of speed.

Patapsco Epic Committee-Tony Vachino
The Patapsco Epic Committee is responsible for planning and executing all necessary functions for a large cycling event.  Responsibilities will include collecting in kind donations of food and beverages; organizing permits; staffing race day with volunteers; and other necessary tasks.

Social Media Committee- Jon Posner and John Russell
The Social Media Committee is responsible for maintaining our ride and event calendar, effectively using our email list to retain and involve members, and updating Facebook, Twitter, and whatever gets hip in 2014.

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