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Fundraiser this weekend and then the next 100 Trailwork Series workday!

This Saturday, June 8, Our big fundraiser at Canton’s Portside Tavern


Sunday 06/09 9:00 AM Patapsco 100 Trailwork Series – Everyone needs to bring bikes this week, everything is up river, like 2 – 2.5 miles away, still walk-able but way quicker on wheels.  And if you have a BOB trailer, bring it!



Date:  Sunday 6/09
Pace:  Trail work
Difficulty:  Trail work

Location:  Woodstock Area of Patapsco Valley State Park – CSX parking lot across from the Woodstock Inn – 1415 Woodstock Road Woodstock, MD 21163

Contact:  eric crawford – ecraw4d@gmail.com – 443.286.2149

Time:  9:00AM – 1:00PM’ish

Ed Dixon and friends ( which now includes you these days! ) have been working very hard in the North, the Patapsco 100 is one of the many many results.  We’re fully engaged with making sure the race route is in tip-top shape.  This week we’re headed back to Woodstock to work on a couple reroutes, both full bench cut to get the trail sustainable and completely on park land.  We need to get all sections as sustainable as possible before the race.  The Patapsco 100 Trail Work Series is brought to you by AFCOld Line Velo and MORE.  Work will commence on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month, March thru June.  I know it’s a lot.  We see all of this as a baby step toward an official Tour de Patapsco Epic.  It’s worth it.  Bring bikes and BOB trailers, our work sites are more than a mile away from our meeting location ( though hiking in is good too, sometimes I even drag my kids along – on bikes! ).  Let me know you’re coming via RSVP in the Calendar entry ( the signup tab should appear just under the ‘Events’ banner ) so I know how many donuts/tools/snacks to bring ( especially if you’re bringing kids, they like to run in packs ).  You should bring gloves and sturdy footwear suitable for doing trail work outside, something to drink, a smiling face and your favourite tool. Expect to get dirty and have a ton of fun doing it!  There may be a beverage shared after our trail day with lunch over at the Woodstock Inn if there’s interest.

All participants will receive a very nice high-quality Zorrel t-shirt ( so long as you like L, XL or XXL ), a shot at an entry into the race, and a cardo BK-1 Duo system?  You have to show up to find out the details!

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